What to Expect at MRBC
Big appearance – cozy feel…
At MRBC, we strive to create a welcoming environment that affords every person a safe and enjoyable worship experience, while ensuring God is in focus.  When you arrive, look for one of our friendly greeters to not only welcome you, but provide you with directions and where to go next.
You don’t need to wear a suit or even a tie to feel at home at MRBC.  But if you do, you’ll still fit right in.  We offer an atmosphere where each person is able to have an authentic encounter with God. 
You’ll find our music is a blend of contemporary and traditional, though admittedly tends a little towards the contemporary side.  We strive hard to create a setting where the Spirit is present and people are genuinely invited to participate in the worship experience.
        On Sunday’s you’ll find Bible Study classes that are tailored to your stage of life.  From the nursery to Senior Adults, we have a burning desire to know God’s Holy Word, while simultaneously building a connection with others in the group.  Whether you are just starting out, or are already familiar with Scripture, you will find a place to contribute join in.  
         Grab a doughnut & a cup of coffee or juice in the fellowship hall and come join us!
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