Ed Scott
Custodial Services
Brother Ed Scott is a one of a kind man of God! He is a passionate evangelist, a deeply committed prayer warrior and truly invested in the life of MRBC. With nearly 50,000 square feet of building, Brother Ed does an amazing job as our only custodian on staff. He is always open for a conversation, a prayer, or a helping hand!
Katie Seely
Administrative Assistant
Katie brings a bright smile and a warm personality to the office at MRBC.  Her energy  and enthusiasm enables her to tackle a variety of complex task with ease.  Utilizing a creative flair, she is responsible for much of the graphics and designs presented to the congregation.  She is often the unsung hero who tirelessly works to ensure things are done right and on time.  
Volunteer Leaders
Lavern Ulmer
Vern and his wife Gloria, have worked in various churches while also serving 22 years in the Air Force.  He has served at mission churches as well as here in several Alaskan villages.  He has always enjoyed teaching Sunday School and has a love for music; often singing in the church choir. His desire is to see our church grow as he serves God and others.